The Ancient Sources Water-filled Jewellery Collection produced by the Centre for Implosion Research is inspired by beautiful art forms from antiquity that objectify traditional wisdom and the universal truth of water as a sacred life force. This unique Collection continues and transforms the tradition of ‘amulets’: symbolic and beneficial jewellery.

The therapeutic properties of water are widely known throughout the world. The Celtic People were said to revere Water and many indigenous peoples use water as a central medium for healing and spiritual initiation.

The Ancient Sources water-filled Jewellery Collection includes jewellery forms used widely in the ancient world, found in the context of royal treasures, kingly burials and meaningful exchange. Reflecting the beauty between the giver and the recipient, the Ancient Sources Collection brings romance, quality and history into personal gift-giving.

The Centre for Implosion Research (CIR) has taken the innovative step of creating beautiful hand-crafted products combining the natural therapeutic qualities of wearing copper, filled with Energised Water. This unique combination has a particularly beneficial energetic effect.


According to customer testimonials and independent scientific reports, our products…


  • Increase the user’s vitality
  • Speed up the healing process
  • Provide Pain Relief
  • Protect from electromagnetic pollution, incl. mobile phone and computer radiation