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Regarding energised water:

“I am delighted with my Vortex Energiser. Our water in Oxford is very hard, often cloudy and smelling of chlorine. I have fixed the Vortex Energiser to the cold pipe under the sink in my kitchen. It has made a vast difference. The water is now soft, very clear with no chlorine. I also notice when steaming vegetables Oxford hard water used to make deposits on the saucepan after cooking. Now with the Vortex Energiser this does not happen. It is also much more pleasant to drink. [ASA censored] I wish you every success in your work”. Joan Gibson, B.A.


“Just writing to let you know that I’m very pleased with the vortex energiser. I was surprised by just how much the water improved after I’d attached the energiser to the incoming water pipe. The first thing I did though, was attach the energiser to one of our radiator pipes for 24 hours. The water within our radiators has always been not just slightly discoloured, but black, like old engine oil. Our radiators for the past ten years have constantly needed bleeding, especially in the Winter months, and the water’s always been the same. Twenty four hours after attaching the energiser it was removed to be permanently placed on the incoming pipe. The first thing I noticed was that the radiators seemed hotter than usual. After a week I bled the bathroom radiator just a little bit, the water had cleared and was a brownish colour. I checked again after three weeks had passed and was shocked to discover the water in the bathroom radiator was crystal clear! I checked all the radiators and the water was of the same quality. Please keep me informed of any new products, information, etc.” Stephen Howlett.


“Thank you for the vortex energiser, which has now been installed. You asked me to let you know how I got on with your products…..well, I am truly delighted with them. My first purchase was the personal harmoniser, which I used to improve the taste of my drinking water. However, whilst browsing on the internet one day, I came across a website recommending simple things one could use instead of buying chemical cleaners, e.g. to clean brass use equal parts salt and flour with a little vinegar. One of the recommendations was the use of household borax to reduce the quantity of soap powder normally used by half. I misread this, and thought the advice was, to use borax, only. I decided to try this, and, using a small quantity of borax, and putting the personal harmoniser into the water, I was agreeably surprised to find that indeed it did wash the clothes perfectly. Not only that, rinsing was unnecessary, and the clothes felt very soft, and smelled ‘clean’.

I have been doing this for several weeks, washing personal clothing, bed linens and towels, even a shower proof coat, without using any soap powder whatsoever. Not only that but but I don’t rinse anything either….and everything feels much cleaner….no soap residue, I suppose! Heavy woollens, may require a second soaking, especially the first time this method is used. I suggest you try this for yourself.” Marjorie Conway


“Our Vortex Energiser has been in place now for about 6-8 weeks and I would like to share some of the effects that I have noticed.

[ASA censored]

Another noticeable effect is that cut flowers last longer. This is the time for chrysanthemums, which do make their water smelly and green needing to be changed every two or three days. But this year the water is not affected. In glass vases it is just as clear and sparkling after 10 days to 2 weeks! This is really something that one can objectively notice. An amazing occurrence!” June Allen


“We are writing to inform you about a wonderful task we were able to complete with one of your coils, the Vortex Energiser. We have a very large pond in our garden, in fact it is more of a small lake. Earlier in October we started having very large numbers of Canada geese coming in for the day, several hundred at a time. At about this time the lake began to change from clear water to some form of contaminated or unhealthy water. It rapidly developed a foul smelling turquoise coloured and marbled surface. We have never experienced anything like this in the whole of the 15 years we have been living here. Clearly something had gone drastically out of balance. We could only think it was something the geese had brought in on their feathers. The deterioration was so rapid that we feared that all the pond life would be affected and die and so we felt we had to try and do something rather than wait to have the water analysed before trying anything.

Then we remembered your story (told at the British Society of Dowsers Annual Congress) of trailing the Vortex Energiser around a stagnant water cistern and how that cleared the water over a period. While it seemed almost impossible that anything could be done for the dreadful state of our water we thought anything was worth a try. We dowsed to see whether we should try the coil and to see what we should do with it. We have to admit that to expect that such a small object could create a change in such a large volume of water seemed to be asking too much. However, we were desperate. So we rowed around the lake for an hour dragging the coil through the water behind the boat, focusing upon the worst areas. It was not possible to stay on the water for longer than an hour because of the dreadful ammonia-like smell. We then hung the coil in the water near the inlet to the lake.

To our astonishment, within something like six hours, a change began to take place in the places where we had been rowing. The marbling on the surface seemed to be lessening and the colour began to change from a vivid metallic turquoise to a green colour. We noticed that our ducks and geese seemed to be attracted to go in the water near the coil. By the next day, we were so encouraged by the positive change taking place that we again rowed around for an hour trailing the coil, this time concentrating on other areas of the water where we had spent less time the day before. After rowing, we left the coil in the water near the inlet, as before. Again, within hours we began to see a positive change as the algae (or whatever it was) on the surface began to clear. The quality of the water seemed to be changing from the edges towards the centre and from the top down. Over the next few days the surface cleared completely and the colour went from the wrong colour (a sort of metallic green by then) to a more natural but cloudy green; it then gradually cleared completely until by the end of a week the whole of the water cleared to a crystal clarity, such that it had not actually ever been before. Once the water was clear, we took the coil out and back into the house for its ‘normal’ use. Since that time the water has remained in top condition and even large influxes of Canada geese have had no deleterious effect.

We cannot tell you how delighted we were and relieved for we had never before seen the water in such dreadful condition. We have to admit that while we were convinced by your research and the claims you make for your coils and the imploded water, it seemed hard to think that one small coil could achieve such an amazing effect in such a large volume of water.

While it seems very obvious to us that it was by using your Vortex Energiser that we were able to rescue the water in our lake, what we do not know of course is what would have happened if we had done nothing. We have no control against which to compare the results. We do not even have any contaminated water to test! So it is hard to make scientific claims. However, we believe we have extremely powerful anecdotal evidence of the value and efficacy of your imploded water and coils. Thank you very much.” Joe Monks and Angela Wunnam


“As a healer, I am perhaps more sensitive than most to subtle forms of energy. I can honestly say that simply holding the Vortex Energiser, I noticed a heat and enveloping energy field around myself, which is very similar to the sensations involved in channelling [ASA censored] energy.

I first used the Vortex Energiser on the central heating system. For a few days, I left the apex of the device resting on the pipe in order that the resonance could be induced into the water in the radiators. Once stored in this closed system, the vibrations remain and are given out into the environment of the home, thereby lifting the overall atmosphere. It did not take long before I could discern a noticeable etheric field around the radiators, which I had not noticed before.

I then repeated the process with the closed coolant system in the refrigerator. This has resulted in food staying fresher for longer and delaying the moulding process considerably. Furthermore, beer stored in the fridge has a subtle change in flavour –  closer to natural bottle-brewed ale. I presume this to be the enlivening effect of the biophoton emissions now emanating from the coolant.

Finally, I strapped the device to the incoming water pipe beneath the sink in order that all tap water is now energised. Comparing ordinary tap water to energised tap water: the latter certainly smelled less of chlorine that the former and tasted cleaner overall. On a more subtle level, the texture of the energised water is far softer and less dense than before. The physical softness reminds me of water, which I once drank from a mountain spring in Germany.

I used to use bottled mineral water, but now am content with charcoal-filtered, Vortex Energised tap water (we are lucky to have non-fluoridated water here in North Shields). [ASA censored]

I believe that this device is a significant contribution to the emerging field of enlightened science. Such implosion based vortex technology is without doubt the key to our future evolution into a sustainable and harmonious existence.

I personally recommend the Vortex Energiser as part of a holistic lifestyle”, Ivan Fraser, editor of the Truth Campaign Magazine


“I’ve been testing out one of these Vortex Energisers on a hot tub. I put it onto the inlet pipe of a hot tub and noticed within a few days of putting it on that the water within the hot tub itself was much, much purer and lighter and seemed to be fresher. Normally, we change the water every several days and normally you notice it getting soupy after a few days. But in this case whatever dirt or impurities in it collected at the bottom and came out of suspension. So, as a result the water is lighter and fresher”. Geoff Lalor, the Three Rock Institute for Sustainable Living in Dublin, Ireland.


“I have been using the Vortex Energiser since the beginning of November 1998 and have bought a further 5 units for my family.

I first heard about the Vortex Energiser when I listened to a tape ‘Water – Nature’s Miracle’ and I was immediately attracted to it and ordered my first one. It arrived on a Friday and, as instructed, I hooked it to the grid at the back of my fridge for an hour (to energise the water and food in the fridge/freezer), then left it hanging on a central heating pipe over night (to energise the water in the central heating system). On the Saturday morning, I hooked it to my incoming cold water supply pipe and went home to Dundalk for the weekend.

On Monday morning when I returned, I turned on the cold tap and could not believe the difference in the water. The water sparkled with life, and was much clearer and fresher than I had ever seen it. It reminded me of my childhood holidays in Greenore when we had to carry our water from a tap connected to a mountain stream source. When I filled a glass and took my first mouthful, the taste was so incredibly different, it was as cold and gresh as if from a mountain spring. I just wanted to keep on drinking the water.

All through the summer I had two ‘Busy Lizzie’ plants, one at home and one in the office. The one at home thrived but the one in the office was sickly and had attracted some kind of sticky substance, which had been stunting its growth. I took a bottle of the energised water to work and used some to water the plant. Two days later the stickiness had dried and I was able to brush it off. The plant has since flowered (in November and December) and is still doing well:

When I went home to Dundalk the next weekend I took bottles of water with me. When Mammy’s dog, Ben (a Border Collie) saw the bottles he behaved as though I was coming in with a parcel from the butchers which would contain a bone for him. It took me a little while to realise that he was ‘asking’ for some of the water!

Ben is a dog who rarely drinks water in the house, he prefers water from rainwater buckets in the garden. Well, I gave him some of the water into his dish, which he immediately lapped up and asked for more. This was confirmation (if I needed any) that I was not imagining the changes in the water!

I bought a second vortex Energiser for Mammy and 4 more for other members of my family. All report the improvement in the appearance and quality of their water. All are attracted to drink more and more water.

I have also found that cut flowers live longer in the energised water.

Over Christmas, I received a beautiful floral arrangement containing lilies and orchids. With the energised water, I find that the perfume from the flowers is increasing daily rather than decreasing (which would normally be the case) and also all of the unopened flowers have opened. The whole arrangement is much more ‘alive’ than any previous arrangements.

I am now putting all my fruit and vegetables into my fridge for a few hours when I bring them into the house and I find that they are tasting better and lasting longer.

[ASA censored]”. Anne Gosling, Plexus Bio Energy Therapist


“Whilst in U.K. during April this year, I ordered a Personal Harmoniser from you and have been very happy with its performance. I also bought your Information Tape, which I found very interesting.

For many years we have produced steam-distilled water. As I am a dowser, I am able to evaluate the life-force (vitality) of everything we either eat or drink – using 8 as the normal figure for anything – and have found some interesting facts about water. Tap water here [Mauritius], heavily treated with chlorine, goes only two, but when boiled and rested for a while it measures six (the same as the major 2 brands of locally bottled source – i.e. bore-hole water). Most of the charcoal-type filters, which are available here, give a figure of 8, and our steam-distilled water goes 10. For more than one year we have been charging this water up by placing it on a ‘purple plate’, which boosts the water to a phenomenal reading of 40, but since trying your Harmoniser under a jug or bottle of distilled water I get an even more mind-boggling figure of 63 – like drinking liquid gold!

So you will see your Harmoniser has great capacity to improve vitality. John Butfield, dowser


Regarding the Personal Harmoniser:

“[ASA censored]” Diana Phillips


“Thank you very much for your swift delivery of my personal harmoniser. I’ve been using it everywhere! I did a taste test on drinking water and was quite amazed at the taste and quality of difference, I felt a clean pure coolness inside me with just a sip of harmonised water. My computer also feels like its got a new more solid calm and the fridge now has a smile.” Nicola Clark


“[ASA censored] You certainly have my gratitude and my endorsement for the exciting and momentous work you are accomplishing. Shortly I will be placing another order for more products to share with friends and family.” Gary Via


“[ASA censored] Oh, fabulous!!! I am absolutely THRILLED. Thanks very much for your good work.” Sally Nicholls.