Application & Installation Of The Original Vortex Water Energiserâ„¢

Attachment to heating and cooling systems

Before you fix the Vortex Energiser permanently to the water mains pipe, we recommend you first use it on all closed heating and cooling systems, such as the central heating, the fridge and the freezer. Because these are closed systems, permanent fixture of the Vortex Energiser is not necessary. 24 hours is usually sufficient to transfer the energy permanently.

To energise the domestic central heating system lay the Vortex Energiser on the floor with the apex pointing at and touching a pipe coming down from one of the radiators. Leave the Vortex Energiser in this position for 24 hours, preferably with the heating on. This will ensure that the energy is taken on by the whole system.

You may now like to do the same with your fridge and freezer to ensure that new food coming into the fridge will be energised. You may also leave the Vortex Energiser touching one of the cooling pipes coming from the compressor for 24 hours.

Please do not put the Vortex Energiser in the freezer. Freezing the Vortex Energiser may cause the rivets, which seal the tube ends, to pop out. Just place the Vortex Energiser on or next to the freezer for 24 hours.

You may carry out the same procedure with your car’s cooling system or even submerge the Vortex Energiser in your garden pond or swimming pool.

Attachment to main water supply pipe

After you have dealt with the closed heating and cooling systems we recommend that you attach the Vortex Energiser permanently to your drinking water system. You need the Vortex Energiser here at all times to ensure that new incoming water becomes energised. For maximum efficiency the Vortex Energiser needs to be fixed to the main pipe in such a way that its apex is in direct contact with the pipe. A convenient and simple way is shown in the drawing. The two straps provided are used to tie the apex and the top winding of the Vortex Energiser to the pipe. This method of attachment works equally well for vertical and horizontal pipes. If this method of attachment doesn’t work in your situation, having the apex of the Vortex Energiser touching the pipe as in the drawing on the previous page will work equally well.

In some types of accommodation, there may be more than one mains water supply pipe and pipes may be less accessible. In this case the Vortex Energiser can be placed in a position near the taps. In a bathroom for instance, water flowing into the sink, bath tub or shower takes on the energy from one centrally suspended Vortex Energiser. However, if energised water is required in the kitchen as well as bathroom, another Vortex Energiser will have to be installed.

The applications of the Vortex Energiser seem to be endless. So many uses can be found in the house, garden, office and in industrial applications. We invite you to experiment with the Vortex Energiser for yourselves. Please also read our customer testimonials.

General advice regarding the different metals:

All our products are made from copper tubing and are filled with the same imploded water, which is what makes them work the way they do. Therefore, any versions, whether copper, silver plated or gold plated will have the same basic effect.

Furthermore, the different metals have their own intrinsic frequencies, which add to the basic effect of the products. When choosing the right metal, we generally advise to go with your intuition. If you have no affinity to a particular metal, go with the metal you like best. In terms of energising water the standard copper Vortex Energiser is perfectly adequate – the plated versions are more intended for healing or room energisation.

On a practical note, the copper products will tarnish with time (especially the personal harmonisers, which are not lacquered). Skin contact will speed up the tarnishing process. If you wish to keep the copper personal harmoniser shiny, it needs to be polished from time to time using a copper/brass polish such as Brasso.

Silver will also tarnish, but not as fast as copper. Silver plated products can easily be polished by dipping for a few seconds into a Silver Dip solution, as used for polishing/cleaning silver cutlery. Wash in water afterwards.

Gold does not tarnish and will stay bright and shiny without polishing.

Finally, please bear in mind that the electro-plating process only deposits a thin layer of silver and gold on the copper surface. This layer will wear off eventually with handling. If you are wearing a plated harmoniser around your neck, the plating should last for many years. If you keep a plated harmoniser in your pocket together with loose change, the plating will rub off fairly quickly. In this case we would advise using either the copper or the leather cased versions.