Harmonising the Environment – The Vortex Sculpture™

Very soon after developing the Vortex Energiser (an energetic water conditioner) we realised that it didn’t just improve the quality of water. It also improved the energetic quality of rooms and buildings through Energetic Rebalancing. By just placing the Vortex Energiser on the water mains rising inlet pipe, the subtle energetic charge of the Vortex Energiser is transferred onto the entire domestic water bearing pipe system. From there it emanates into the rooms thereby enhancing the energetic environment. This in turn reduces electromagnetic and geopathic stress as well as sick building syndrome.

How can this subtle energy be understood in terms of western science?

First of all we need to realise that matter is really an illusion. All matter, on a sub-atomic scale, is energy. The nucleus of an atom, its material core, is infinitesimally small in comparison with the size of the atom. If the entire space within an atom were to be filled with particles the size of its nucleus, one million billion (1015) of such particles would be required to do so (Asimov, 1977). Therefore we can generalise and say: Everything is space, and space is everything. This space is ether: vibratory energy! John Keely wrote in 1893, “there is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage” (Pond, 1996, p.90)

The whole cosmos, from the largest to the smallest part is essentially vibrating space.

Let us now consider the specific energetic make-up of our planet.

The surfaces of the earth and that of the ionosphere (100 km above the earth) form a cavity resonator. Its vibrations are known as the Schumann waves or resonances, which are very long waves of extremely low frequency, which are present everywhere in the atmosphere on this planet.

The Schumann Waves have been identified as part of the natural electromagnetic radiation, which is particularly important for life on this planet. The human brain actually resonates with these atmospheric waves.

NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, have studied these Schumann waves extensively and have recognised the importance of these waves for human health. Space shuttles, leaving our atmosphere, are equipped with artificial Schumann wave generators to simulate the natural electromagnetic environment of the earth.

One of the Schumann wave researchers is Dr. Phil Callahan from Florida, whom we had the pleasure of meeting a while ago in Germany. He has travelled all over the world measuring these frequencies. What he found was that most prehistoric monuments and church towers, and in particular the round towers of Ireland, act as dielectric (non-metallic) antennae and amplifiers for Schumann Waves thus creating an enhanced electromagnetic environment within their vicinity. This might explain the special atmosphere in churches and why people experience a feeling of reduced stress and reinvigoration.

Dr. Callahan tested our products and found that they produced similar millivolt readings to those measured in sacred sites all over the world.

The natural vibrations of our planet, which include the Schumann waves, cosmic radiation and the earth’s magnetism are vital for human health. Unfortunately these natural vital vibrations are increasingly ‘overshadowed’ by man-made vibrations, which interfere with our bodies’ own natural vibrations and those of our planet. By strengthening our bodies’ own (endogenous) vibrations and those of our near environment we can reduce the effects of interference and promote health. This is what CIR products do.

The EMF Harmoniser (approx. 12 cm height, 11 cm greatest diameter), filled with imploded water as all our products are, is a smaller version of the Vortex Energiser. It has been attractively designed for use on the main EMF emitting appliances such as computers, TV’s, microwave ovens, etc. Moreover, it can be placed anywhere in a room (such as on the mantle piece, window sill, etc.) to improve the energetic environment of a room.
In order to have an effect on a much larger space, we have developed the Vortex Sculpture™. It follows the same curve as the Vortex Energiser, is made up of 7 copper tubes of 18 mm diameter with an overall height of approx. 6 ft and is beautiful to look at. The finish is natural copper, which means that the sculpture will eventually get a green patina (verdi gris) when left outside.

The sculpture looks best on a pedestal, which could be made from wood or any other material. Alternatively it could be incorporated in a water feature offering many possibilities for parks, gardens, forecourts, company foyers, etc.

In this context we’d like to pay our respects to Walter Schauberger, the son of Viktor, who investigated the harmonic/hyperbolic spiral in great depth. He believed that it is the perfect model of the universe. We have come to realise, that it is also the perfect wave-guide for amplifying etheric energy, the beneficial subtle energy that pervades space. The Vortex Energiser and Vortex Sculpture follow this precise spiral.