A Story of Water

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Water shapes our landscapes and sustains life on Earth. It influences our emotions and inspires imagination and creativity. Yet we take it for granted. This new book covers all aspects of water, from water in the solar system, through the Earth’s water cycles, to water in our bodies and in plants. It goes on to consider water’s cosmic role, the memory of water and its crucial relationship with the quantum energy field.

Alick Bartholomew summarises new quantum biological research, which suggests that water is the medium of communication within and between organisms and with the environment. He argues controversially that water carries the templates for the creation of organic structures and for evolution.
Finally, the author addresses the future: the global water crisis and how to access the best quality of living water for human health. Only through understanding water’s true role in Nature can we begin to live responsibly and sustainably.
Alick Bartholomew’s lifelong concern, both as writer and publisher, has been to reconcile scientific enquiry with a spiritual worldview. He studied Geology at Cambridge University, followed by graduate studies at the University of Chicago. He is the author of Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger, published by Floris Books.


by Alick Bartholomew


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