EMF Harmoniser

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large: 18cm height, 18cm greatest diameter

small: 13cm height, 13cm greatest diameter

The EMF Harmoniser is a version of the Vortex Energiser, designed to be freestanding and has been developed to balance and harmonise the energetic environment in buildings, counteracting geopathic stress and the effects of electromagnetic radiation, such as generated by computers, TV’s and microwave ovens.

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copper, gold-plated, silver-plated


large, small

1 review for EMF Harmoniser

  1. Lori Lorenz

    I have used this harmonizer for many years over my water pitcher combined with a Grander water unit and everyone who drinks this water, including my counseling clients, comments on how smooth, delicious and hydrating the water is. I love my spiral. I also have one that sits near my clients when we work together.

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