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The Phi (Golden Section) Personal Harmoniser

The Phi Personal Harmoniser, like all our Personal Harmonisers, is a flat spiral form made from copper tubing, filled with CIR imploded water. It is formed in such a way that the ratio between the widths of the large and small spirals equals phi; the ratio between the overall length of the Harmoniser and the length of the large spiral equals phi; and the ratio between the lengths of the large and small spirals equals phi.

The Phi Personal Harmoniser is available in two sizes: Large (5cm long and 3cm wide) and Mini (3.5cm long and 1.8cm wide) and comes with a choice of copper, silver, gold plating. Special plating options available on request.

Phi is known to represent the proportionally beautiful. We are incorporating this relationship in our Harmoniser in order to make it aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in its very form and energy. The Phi Personal Harmoniser celebrates the magnificence of nature: creativity and primal duality; the relationship between the physical and the spiritual; and the need for balance.

We have produced several (all basic forms) of Personal Harmoniser prototypes that encompass phi and have chosen to manufacture this particular model as it follows the Phi ratio along both axes in a similar way to the Vitruvian Man. We find it very beautiful to wear and feel confident that you will enjoy it too.


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copper, gold-plated, silver-plated


children/pets only, standard

2 reviews for PHI Personal Harmoniser

  1. Ian Goss (verified owner)

    I have 3 Phi harmonizers. One in my water filter jug in the fridge, the water became smoother and sweeter.
    I wear one and gave one to my mother. Over a few weeks the level of chaos in the house and around has settled down, which was much needed and very appreciated.
    It feels these devices work in a very gentle way.
    I would like to try an emf spiral next.

  2. Russell (verified owner)

    The PHI Personal Harmoniser is a much needed tool in the world of today and unlike many other devices out there this is a quality product that actually works in an unassuming but effective manner. Very pleased!!

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