Vortex Energiser

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Copper Vortex Energiser

18cm height, 18cm greatest diameter

The Original Vortex Water Energiser™, when attached to the domestic water inlet pipe, energises all the water in the house – instantly and constantly. There are no further maintenance requirements. Please click here for a more detailed description and to find out about application and installation.

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copper, gold-plated, silver-plated

1 review for Vortex Energiser

  1. Carol O’Neill (verified owner)

    I am totally blown away by this beautiful product. I live in a a particularly hard water area and my water is now SOFT. There are suds that last forever in my washing up bowl and my hands feel as if they have been softened with hand cream after being in the water. I don’t use hair or fabric conditioner because I prefer to live as naturally as possible – my long hair now looks and feels like a million dollars, and my clothes are soft. The food in my fridge is fresher for twice as long, an old carrot feels still vibrant as if it has just been harvested! The bird bath is normally stagnant and scummy after only one day, especially after the pigeons have bathed in it, but now the water is still crystal clear after two weeks. There is a lot of lime scale on my very old taps which are hard to turn off and on – now they turn easily and my hot water is loads hotter. I can’t praise the vortex energiser enough. Thank you Dolly and Jonathan, your service to humanity and the planet is a beautiful thing. By ingesting this water my body and spirit is harmonised and I feel that the natural flow of energy in and around my house is optimised. Oh, and my plants and veggies are thriving in the garden.

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