Replacement Tap

£15.00 excl. VAT



This item is a replacement tap for the Water Egg. It only replaces existing taps of the same style. It does not replace the wooden tap and cork colar used on Water Eggs made prior to 2002.

If your tap has started leaking, please do the following before purchasing the replacement tap:

Unscrew the plunger unit (this is the part that the black handle is attached to). You should be able to do this by hand without tools. Withdraw the plunger unit and clean the inside of this unit as well as the inside of tap. Remove any dirt or debris. Reassemble and check if leak has stopped.

If it is still leaking please purchase this replacement tap. You can swap the plunger unit from the new tap to the old, that way you don’t have to take the old tap body off. If you wish to fit the entire new tap you will need a special tool to hold the hollow plastic bolt in place that goes on the inside of the egg. Please contact us if you would like to hire this tool from us.


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