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We have learnt from Viktor Schauberger’s writings that it is very important to store liquids in opaque egg shaped containers. Because there are no corners and crevices there is no stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed. Constant convection and spiralling movement keep liquids fresh, cool and healthy. The stored liquid should not be exposed to sunlight. The Ancients knew of this and used amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels made from natural materials. In today‘s industrial world, practicality dictates the mass production and use of cylindrical and rectangular plastic containers.

The Water Egg™ (28 cm length x 19 cm greatest diameter) is beautifully handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It will store nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid. A Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised. Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, milk, oil or whatever you can think of.

Please note that the Water Egg is handmade by a local potter and will therefore have certain irregularities.

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Oak, Poplar (standard), Sapelle


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