Serapis Pendant

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Serapis Pendant

(also available as a set comprising earrings and pendant)

The use of serpents as symbols dates back to before 2000 BC and has many manifestations associated with water and healing. The ancient Egyptians believed that the two entwined serpents Isis and Serapis represented the forces of male and female fertility and in ancient Mesopotamia the symbol was used to depict Gods of Nature. The symbol of serpents wrapped around a staff forming a spiral is used to represent modern day medicine.

Metal: available copper, silver-plated and gold-plated

Size (pendant): approx. 5cm x 2cm

(gold version displayed)

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copper, gold-plated, silver-plated

1 review for Serapis Pendant

  1. Maor Netsah

    Thank you for the beautiful Serapis pendant. It is fantastic, I love the flowing design and liked this one especially because of the symbol, as I work in medicine/healthcare. I’m a man, and it’s totally unisex. It feels really good wearing it, similar kind of feeling I get when I’m in nature, and I’ve also been stirring my (cold) water with it which makes it taste softer (hopefully that’s an ok thing to do)! Thanks so much!

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